A Cake of a Different Kind !

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Let's first talk about a career  of a different kind.  A career in which you are on call all the time. Like it or not, you are doing the night shift. You are the chauffeur, the chef, the house keeper, the doctor, and dry cleaner. You are a Mother. You might have heard a version of this on same Facebook or Pinterest meme, but it is true. Actually, I might have missed at least ten other job roles we do as Mothers. Motherhood is the hardest role any woman has ever had to step into. And to celebrate such a momentous role, we have Mother's Day. It should be Mother's month or even better, every other weekend all year :). Like a typical mother who has a thousand things on her mind, I have rattled on forever. What I mean to say is Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day always brings to mind brunches. I'm sure a mother invented brunch. It is very efficient, Breakfast and Lunch in one meal, fewer dishes, easy sandwiches and quiches and best of all, mimosas. I came across this great recipe for a Sandwich Cake and figured this would be perfect for brunch. It is not a traditional cake of course. The bread is baked in a 9" spring form pan and is trimmed and torted like a usual cake. I torted mine into 4 layers and made the fillings based on 3 of my favorite sandwiches - salmon mousse, avocado egg salad and cucumber tomato. The outside is covered in a combination of cream cheese and sour cream. It was quite delicious, but there's a lot of it. So try it out and let me know how yours turns out.


  1. Oh my god! Did you use real cucumbers?

  2. Oh yes I did. It is a sandwich cake, so I used all real vegetables.