A wedding cake !

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I got up early this Monday morning and paused to reflect on the weekend passed, over a cup of coffee. Then I kept on smiling for an unusually long time which made the other two people in my house to wonder if everything was alright. Everything was, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

The weekend was beautiful, clear blue skies, plenty sunshine around and great company through out. We were at a friend’s wedding where I got to look at the first wedding cake I ever made. Standing among friends and watching the sweet couple cutting the cake at the reception is a memory that will go to the scrapbook of my life that I am keeping in my head. I am so thankful to the bride and groom for allowing me to be a part of their most carefully and lovingly planned wedding. 
Everything felt new and immensely interesting, right from designing the cake, arranging a cake tasting, crafting sugar flowers in advance, making sure everything stayed put through the drive to the venue and to be a wedding guest with responsibilities. Just to say that I enjoyed it all will be an understatement. Right now everything is a happy blur, I am more thrilled than I ought to be, please bear with me :)

Wedding flowers were Calla lilies and ranunculus , the gum paste sugar flower cake topper reflects the floral theme . I will share more pictures when the event photographs are available.


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